Save a Ton at Neighbors

We know that you expect to save a lot of money when you shop at a thrift store. That’s our job – to help you save money…and help you get the most value for your dollar. You can save money by shopping at a lot of different discount retailers. But, when you shop at Neighbors, you get a lot of value for your dollar spent. Where else can you get a high quality wedding dress, which has already experienced a wedding, at 80% of its original price?

Neighbors Punch Card

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Color tags: We use five different color tags – pink, blue, yellow, white and orange. Every Thursday we tag arriving items with a new color. To make room for these new arrivals, we take items off the sales floor that have been for sale for at least 6 weeks. We know which ones to remove by the color of their price tag.

Untagged merchandise: Items without tags or altered tags will NOT be sold. These items will be returned to our sorting area where they will be re-priced, and returned to the sales floor the next day.

Form of payment: We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. We also accept debit cards. Yes, we even take cash!

Dressing rooms: We provide dressing rooms for men and women in our store. We ask that you limit the number of garments to 6 or less at a time. Unwanted items may be hung back on the rack provided outside the fitting room area. We appreciate your help!

Merchandise holds: Because of the tremendous amount of product that flows thru our store daily we are not able to hold merchandise at this time.

Our everyday prices are great deals.